Waterproof Outdoor Wall Lamp Cooling Good

In recent years, waterproof outdoor wall lights have been widely used in various places, such as the company's corporate building wall lighting, the government floor of the lighting, Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light the history of the building walls of lighting, entertainment and so on; The more widely.

The basic parameters of waterproof outdoor wall lights

Waterproof outdoor wall lights and guardrail tube has a lot of similarities, let us on the Qin's waterproof outdoor wall lights as an example to its parameters introduced:

Waterproof outdoor wall lamp voltage can be subdivided into: 220V, 110V, 36V, 24V, 12V, several, Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light so we choose the power when the attention to the corresponding voltage.

Operating temperature

Because the wall is usually used in the outdoor more, so this parameter is more important, the temperature requirements are relatively high, the general situation we require the outdoor temperature at -40 ℃ +60 ℃ can work. But the wall washer is better to use a good aluminum shell to do, so this requires the general wall washer can meet the requirements.

LED lamp beads

The number of LEDs for general wall washer is 9 / 300mm, 18/600mm, 27 / 900mm, 36 / 1000mm, 36 / 1200mm.

Protection class

This is an important parameter of the wall washer, but also affect the current quality of the important indicators of the fence, we have to strict requirements, we use in the outdoor, requiring water level should be above IP65 is the best. But also require the relevant pressure, resistance to fragmentation, resistance to high and low temperature, fire, Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light impact aging grade IP65,6 on behalf of the complete prevention of dust into; 5 on behalf of: water without any damage.

control method

There are two kinds of control methods for waterproof outdoor wall lights: internal control and external control. Internal control is no external controller, the design of the control system designed in the wall inside the wall, the degree of effect can not be changed. External control is an external controller, the effect can be adjusted through the master button to change the effect. Usually in large projects above, the customer can change their own requirements, Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light we are using external control of this program. There are a lot of wall directly support the DMX512 control system.

Color specification

2, 6, 4, 8 full color, colorful, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and other colors

Beam angle

(50 degrees), wide (120 degrees or so) three, at present, high-power waterproof outdoor wall lights (narrow angle) of the farthest effective projection distance of 20 - 50 meters

The working principle of waterproof outdoor wall lamp

Waterproof outdoor wall lamp due to the relatively large volume, cooling is better, so the design also greatly reduced the difficulty, but in practical applications, there will be constant current drive is not too good, there are many damage, So how to make the wall was able to run better, focus on the control and drive, Waterproof Outdoor Wall Light control and drive, let us learn together.