The Courtyard Light Gives A Magical Intimacy

Courtyard lights, I believe a lot of couples have seen, this kind of lamp is a special for the community, schools, parks, gardens or villas to the public places to provide lighting products, he in the lighting at the same time also have the characteristics of the United States. So this kind of lamp, especially suitable for landscaping projects of this kind of premises. And many people like to put the courtyard lights on the quiet place, Garden Lamp it seems to give people a magical intimacy.

The height of the courtyard lamp is divided into many kinds, under the general environment, the height from high to low specification has five meters, four meters and three meters, of course, Garden Lamp if some quarters need a specific height can also be customized or other instructions. But in general the environment below the height is such a few.

The specification of the courtyard lamp is divided into two departments. The general head of the specification will fight a little bigger, the bar of the specification is absolutely smaller. Specifications are generally 115mm diameter and 140 to 76mm diameter, here need to explain that the differences in the location of the yard installed in the courtyard lights, its specifications above may also have some divergence. Garden Lamp And since the specifications are inconsistent, then the cost of the costs will be divergent, so the price is also divergent.

Garden Lamp manufacturing raw materials are generally used cast aluminum, of course, there is a small sector is the use of the current market on a wide range of a material, called aluminum or alloy, then these materials have a very good characteristic is that it has a good light transmittance. Garden Lamp And can be antioxidant, ultraviolet light is not easy to yellow, and the service life is very long. In order to prevent the light bar of the garden lamp from being lightly corroded the city brushes a layer of UV-resistant fluorocarbon varnish on its profile, Garden Lamp thereby increasing the corrosion resistance of the pulling lamp rod.

Under normal circumstances, if the people in this fill area above the Sanming will choose to use the ground lantern of the garden Lamp, the department's words are generally fixed with a solid screw department, so no matter how high the height of the garden lamp is, Garden Lamp it is not so easy to be blown down by the wind or knocked down by pedestrians.

Many people in the villa will also like to use the courtyard light, because the courtyard lamp modelling and the specification as well as the brightness of the lamp control is very gentle. Especially at night, he can give people a strong sense of belonging when lighting, Garden Lamp so the garden lights are very popular with people.

Courtyard Light development so far, according to the use of the environment and design style of different, derived from different types, divided into: European garden lights, modern garden lights, classical courtyard lights three categories.