The Courtyard Lamp Has The Function Of Directional Emission Light

Courtyard Light is a kind of lighting products for residential quarters, parks, campuses, gardens, villas, zoos, botanical gardens and so on. At the same time has the landscape effect and the illumination effect characteristic. Especially suitable for landscaping projects, landscaping, Campus lighting, park construction.

The height of the garden lamp is generally: 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters, 4.5 meters, 5 meters of several common specifications. Garden Lamp Other specifications need to be specified. The yard lamp pole specification has 115mm equal diameter, 219mm equal diameter, 140-76mm diameter, 140-89mm diameter, 165-76mm diameter, 165-89mm diameter, 165-115mm diameter, 100 square rods, 110 square rods, as well as other square rods. Garden Lamp Different specifications of the price, there is also a need to do embossing or other special-shaped treatment of the lamp rod need to make a corresponding change in accordance with the requirements.

Garden Lamp Holder General die-casting aluminum, there is also a small number of copper or alloy production of the current market on the main products for aluminum, other materials generally for manual production costs are relatively high, transparent parts using acrylic board or PC board, Garden Lamp these materials have a good light transmittance, anti-oxidation Ultraviolet, not easy yellowing, long service life characteristics. The Courtyard lamp lamp pole uses the material to be the aluminum material or the steel, Garden Lamp the external galvanized coating anti-corrosion antirust Treatment, the general surface uses the carbon fluoride paint to add the anti-ultraviolet powder, enhances the lamp rod corrosion-resistant and the oxidation ability. Light bar appearance color can be made according to customer requirements or by customers to provide model production

The function and characteristic of the lighting system of the courtyard lamp. The main feature of the garden light is the function of directional emission light, Garden Lamp because the power-type courtyard lamp is almost equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of the reflector is obviously higher than that of the luminaire. In addition, the efficiency of the reflector has been included in the light efficiency test of the courtyard lamp. Garden Lamp Road lamps with courtyard lights should be used to the extent possible by the directional emission characteristics of the courtyard light.

Courtyard lamp manufacturers make the road lamps in each courtyard light directly to the surface of the road to each area, this time again using the lamp reflector auxiliary matching light, Garden Lamp can be used to achieve a very reasonable road lighting integrated light.

Introduction to the selection of courtyard lamps

(1) The use of reasonable light fixtures, should be based on the lighting site function and space shape to determine the light distribution type.

(2) Select high efficiency lamps. Under the condition of satisfying the glare limit requirement, the direct-type light distribution lamp and the open type luminaire should be used for illumination only satisfying the visual function.

(3) The use of convenient installation and maintenance, Garden Lamp low operating costs of lamps.

(4) in the fire or explosion hazards and dust, damp, vibration and corrosion of the environment of special sites, should be selected to meet the requirements of the environmental lighting.

(5) When the surface of lamps and lanterns are attached to combustible materials, such as heat insulation, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures should be adopted.

(6) Lighting fixtures should have a complete photoelectric parameters, Garden Lamp its performance should meet the relevant provisions of the existing standards.

(7) The appearance of the luminaire should be coordinated with the environment of the installation place.

(8) Consider the characteristics of light source and the requirements of building decoration.

(9) The difference between the courtyard lamp and the street light is not big, Garden Lamp mainly is the height, the material thickness and the esthetic degree difference, the street lamp material thicker, also higher, the appearance courtyard lamp is more beautiful.