Talking About Industry Collaborative Innovation From The Technology Development Of Small Spacing

At present, the small gap has become the domestic LED display industry's biggest hot spot (no one). More and more LED display companies competing to enter the small pitch field also makes small-scale market size of the rapid expansion of small spacing has become an indispensable driving force for industry growth.

With the advantages of congenital - resolution HD, display rich, natural color real, display area can be "private custom" and seamless stitching, small spacing has been in the engineering display application market access to a wide range of applications, and commercial The market began to emerge. The next step, small spacing need to continue to improve performance and reliability, reduce costs, to be able to splash the market in the indoor market and LCD LCD and DLP rear projection and other products a showdown.

In fact, the small pitch performance and reliability of the upgrade (such as P0.7 and below the smaller point of the product development and production, low brightness to achieve higher gray and refresh rate, lamp beads failure rate from 5ppm to 1ppm And the cost reduction is a systematic project, but also a difficult task, the need for the screen factory and the upstream, the surrounding manufacturers to cooperate with the need for the whole industry chain collaborative innovation to be completed.