Rui Sri Lanka Electrical Appliances To Tell You The Principle Of Selection

Lighting design, should be selected to meet both the use of functional and lighting quality requirements, but also easy to install and maintain, long-term operating costs low lamps, the specific should consider the following aspects:

(1), optical characteristics, such as light distribution, glare control;

(2), economy, such as lighting efficiency, initial investment and long-term operating costs;

(3) Special environmental conditions, such as the danger of fire and explosion, the environment of dust, moisture, vibration and chemical corrosion;

(4), the shape of the lamp should be coordinated with the building;

(5), the lamp efficiency (η) high: η = ΦL / ΦO, depending on the reflector shape and material, the light outlet size, diffuser or grid shape and material;

(6), IP rating in accordance with environmental conditions.