Outdoor Lights Are Designed In A Variety Of

Outdoor lights, as the name implies, are exposed to outdoor lighting. Usually can be combined with the surrounding road, landscape, architecture lighting design and installation, Outdoor Lamp so as to achieve its functional and artistic unity. Outdoor lights include road lights, landscape lights (Chinese lights, tobacco lanterns, cherry blossoms, etc.), lawn lights (stainless steel turf lamp), buried lights, wall lights, outdoor spotlights, spotlights, wall lights.

Outdoor light is to bring light in the outdoor light, generally on both sides of the road can be seen.

Outdoor lights include road lights, lawn lights, wall lights, landscape lights and so on, the role of different types of outdoor lights is not the same. Outdoor lights in our daily life is essential, for the outdoor brought a bright, for our evening outdoor entertainment brings light, Outdoor Lamp so that we go out at night more convenient.

The design of outdoor light is varied and changeable. The composition of outdoor light is very simple, there is usually a shell, lamp rod, light bulb and wire composition, Outdoor Lamp the use of the shell materials include metal, stainless steel, wood and bamboo, and so on.

Outdoor light The most important thing is the light bulb, one of the composition of the structure, outdoor lighting power in general, the power of the interior lights to be large, because the scope of outdoor lights lighting is relatively wide, Outdoor Lamp so the need for a great deal of brightness. Without a good bulb, outdoor lights can be said to be of no use, but also need to use outdoor lights?

Again, the structure of the lamp bar. Light bar for outdoor light is also very important, according to a saying good, stand higher, see farther, the lamp pole higher, lighting of the more widely this truth is the same. The next little part of the outdoor light for everyone to introduce the shell! The role of the shell if the outdoor light is more beautiful, there are outdoor lights are used materials need to withstand resistance to cold, and lamp rod, Outdoor Lamp regardless of the sun and wind will be intact, the use of long life.

Introduction of 4 kinds of outdoor lights

1. Road Lights

Road Lights (English: Road Lamp/street Light) roads are the arteries of the city. The main lighting is the street lamp, and the road light is set on the road to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety. Courtyard lamp, landscape lamp and street lamp form stereoscopic illumination mode, Outdoor Lamp enhance road adornment effect, beautify City night view, also can make up the insufficient of illumination of road lamp.

2. Landscape lamp

Landscape Art lamp is an indispensable part of modern landscape. It not only has its own high ornamental, but also emphasizes the harmony and unification of the landscape of art lamp and the historical culture and surroundings of the scenic spot.

China Light

Chinese lamp appearance is generous, Outdoor Lamp generally have a plurality of light source, generous and decent, illumination is high, the landscape effect is good, is one of representative series of traditional type.

Smoke Lanterns

Chinese reading method: Yān huādēng English: Fireworks lamp lamps of various styles, beautiful appearance, evening glow is able to emit colorful luster, like fireworks flash a flash, Outdoor Lamp can be said to be a beautiful scenery at night. Smoke Lantern-Parameter description: Fireworks lamp is home decoration, engineering decorative lighting a popular trend, can be divided into landscape fireworks lights, decorative fireworks lights, LED fireworks lights, energy-saving fireworks lamps and other uses of different materials of the fireworks lamp.

Cherry Blossom Light

Cherry blossom lamp Looks like a tree, color colorful led tree lamp is a new type of simulation landscape lamp, environmental protection, long life, beautiful.

3. Buried Lamp

In the shape of the lamp is well rounded, widely used in shopping malls, parking, green belts, park tourist attractions, residential areas, urban sculpture, walking streets, building steps. and other places, mainly buried in the ground, used to do decorative or indicative lighting use, Outdoor Lamp as well as to wash walls or trees, its application has considerable flexibility.

4. Lawn lamp

Lawn light is used for the lawn around the lighting facilities, but also an important landscape facilities. Its unique design, soft lighting for the urban green landscape added security and beauty, and easy installation, decorative strong, can be used in parks, Outdoor Lamp garden villas and other lawn surrounding and pedestrian street, parking, plaza and other places. Using 36W or 70W halide lamp, the spacing in $number meters is advisable.