Outdoor Garden Lights Are Used In Urban Slow Lanes

Often refers to the outdoor lighting below 6 meters, the main components from: light source, lamps, poles, flanges, the basis of embedded parts 5 parts, because the outdoor courtyard lamp its diversity, aesthetics with landscaping and Decorative environment features, it is also known as the landscape outdoor garden lights. Mainly used in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places of outdoor lighting, to extend people's outdoor activities time and improve the safety of property.

Outdoor garden lamp installation and maintenance program

Outdoor garden lights installed

(1) lamps, light according to the design requirements, all lamps should have product certification, Outdoor Garden Lamp light wiring is strictly prohibited, lighting accessories complete.

(2) According to the installation site to check whether the lamp meets the requirements, check the wiring within the lamp, lighting installation must be solid, correct location, neat appearance, Outdoor Garden Lamp wiring is correct. 3KG above the lamps must be pre-magnesium hook bolts, less than 2.4M lamps of the metal shell should be grounded.

(3) outdoor garden lights installed, telemetry of the branch of the junction resistance qualified, the side allowed to run. After the phone should be carefully checked whether the control of the lamp is flexible, ready, switch and lamp control sequence corresponds to, such as the problem must first power, Outdoor Garden Lamp and then find the reasons for repair.

Outdoor Garden Light Grounding Protection and Safety Measures

Outdoor garden lights (1) grounding protection TT way, in the indoor lighting box around the set of closed yellow-shaped artificial grounding device, the grounding pole with 50 * 50 * 5L2500 hot-dip galvanized angle, the connection line with 40 * 4 hot-dip galvanized flat steel, Ground spacing 5m, buried 0.8m, grounding resistance of not more than 10 ohms.

(2) all the lamps in the system grounding terminals are connected by the PE line after the connection with the lighting box PE busbar and ground.

(3) for lightning protection over voltage, Outdoor Garden Lamp in the outdoor lighting box are set up a surge protector.

We in the outdoor garden lights daily use and maintenance, often encountered in the courtyard lamp failure led to the normal use of garden lights or affect the use of effects and functions. In recent years, we summed up a few common few common faults, that is, the cable was blown, the instrument measuring resistance is large, or phase or ground insulation drop, but there is a certain resistance

The other is low resistance failure. The so-called low-resistance fault, that is, short-circuit or to the ground completely shorted, the current increases, power transmission trip phenomenon. These two failures and their frequent occurrence of outdoor garden lights constitute a threat to normal use. Therefore, Outdoor Garden Lamp we must cause our attention enough to identify the causes of failure and solve the problem of failure.