Outdoor Garden Lights Are Designed In A Variety Of Ways

Outdoor garden lights, not for everyone to introduce you will know. There is no doubt that the outdoor garden lights are bright lights in the outdoors, generally on both sides of the road can be seen. Outdoor garden lights, including road lights, lawn lamps, wall lights, landscape lights, etc., different types of outdoor garden lights role is not the same. Outdoor courtyard lights are essential in our daily life, Outdoor Garden Lamp bringing light outdoors and bringing light to our outdoor recreational activities at night, making it easier for us to go out at night.

The design of outdoor garden lights is varied and varied. The composition of the outdoor courtyard lamp is very simple, generally has a shell, light pole, light bulb and wire composition, Outdoor Garden Lamp the use of materials, including metal, stainless steel, wood and bamboo, and so on several.

Outdoor garden lights the most important thing is the light bulb which one of the composition of the structure, the outdoor garden lighting power in general, the power of the indoor lamp to be large, because the outdoor courtyard lights a wide range of lighting, so the need for great brightness. Do not have a good light bulb, outdoor garden lights can say that there is no use, it also need outdoor garden lights what use?

Let's talk about the structure of the poles. Light pole for the outdoor garden lights is also very important, according to a saying goes, the station higher, see farther, Outdoor Garden Lamp the higher the pole, the lighting of the broader the truth is the same. Then come to tell you about the outdoor courtyard lamp shell! The role of the shell if the outdoor courtyard lamp is more beautiful, as well as outdoor garden lights are used materials are resistant to cold, and poles, regardless of wind The sun will be intact, the use of long life

The next is a very simple wire friends. As long as it is necessary to work through the electricity to make this item, basically need to use the wire, Outdoor Garden Lamp the wire is simply a means of transmission of energy.

Outdoor garden lights use the advantages of lighting history

1, outdoor garden lights energy efficient: in the same brightness case, LED energy-saving lamps 1000 hours only consume 1 kWh, usually incandescent 17 hours consumption of 1 kWh, outdoor courtyard lights are integrated lighting effect of the most green one, Usually a hundred hours of energy-saving lamps consumption of electricity, so buy LED energy-saving lamps for energy-saving tens of thousands of users of electricity.

2, outdoor garden lights long longevity: LED super energy-saving lamp use of the theory of longevity up to 10,000 hours or more, usually incandescent use of life more than 1,000 hours, in its long-term use of the effect of the product play an infinite role

3, outdoor garden lights light health: light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation, no pollution. Often energy-saving lamps and incandescent light contain ultraviolet and infrared rays.

4, outdoor garden lights green: mercury and lead and other harmful elements, benefit from the recovery and use, and will not attack the electromagnetic annoyance, Outdoor Garden Lamp usually the lamp contains mercury and lead and other harmful elements, and usually energy-saving lamps in the electronic town Flow device will also send electromagnetic annoyance, so that when we use it, will bring great benefits to the outdoors.

5, outdoor garden lights to maintain vision: the choice of DC power supply drive, no flicker, usually energy-saving lamps are AC drive, it must send a long time on the eyes of bad luck. Especially for children, young people have the best vision maintenance