Lighting Energy Consumption Is Huge, Efficiency To Be Improved

2013 total electricity consumption of 5.32 trillion kwh, an increase of 7.5%. 2013 road lighting electricity consumption accounted for 29% of all electricity consumption, accounting for about 9% of the total electricity consumption, ranking the first in all areas of lighting power consumption.

From the current situation of the street market, management departments need to introduce more efficient management and energy-saving programs to promote the scientific management of urban lighting and green energy. At present, according to the road lighting professional committee statistics, in the country 811 cities have 263 cities in the road lamp control using the "wireless three remote (remote control, shake letter, telemetry) intelligent control system."

With the Internet of Things, the next generation of Internet, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology widely used, intelligent city has become an inevitable trend. Intelligent street lights as an important part of the construction of the wisdom of the city, the future development of a huge space, intelligent street lighting is imperative.

Home investment in urban construction will continue to increase. Therefore, the state of urban road lighting and other infrastructure construction will continue to invest.