LED Wall Lamp Without Radiation

Led wall lamp is a diode-based principle of special lighting, it is the biggest difference with the traditional wall lamp is that the light source is different. Ordinary lamps used by the incandescent lamp, the light emitted by the more dazzling, and led the light issued by the light is not dazzling light, so the current led lamp is very popular with the market.

In today's rapid development of this era today, Power LED Wall Light the use of led wall lamp is also more and more widely, in some of the home decoration or hotel interior decoration are involved. This kind of wall lamp uses a halogen lamp, the light source is relatively low, and the power consumption is small, the ambient temperature of the exposure will not rise soon. And this lamp has a drawback is the use of relatively short life, and the price is still more expensive. I believe in the near future will overcome these problems, Power LED Wall Light then Xiaobian then for everyone to introduce about the relevant knowledge of the led lamp it.

Led wall lamp features

● Green

The Led lamp is an efficient lamp that can be recycled again. It does not have light pollution like other lamps, it is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent lamps. Power LED Wall Light In a series of lamps, only led lights without infrared and ultraviolet light, are a kind of cold light, no radiation, no toxic substances, the absolute green.

● Low maintenance costs

In all the lamps, led lights do not tungsten wire, and glass shell, and the impact of strong, good seismic performance. Parts are not easily damaged, high safety performance.

● good light quality

Led wall lamp so in the lamps, there is little light and no infrared light source, Power LED Wall Light so it will not produce a lot of heat, and the objects will not be irradiated quickly discoloration, the eye is not much damage.

● Small size

Compared with other traditional lamps, led wall lamp is more exquisite small, more fashion sense, you can use in different occasions, you can also use a different style. Power LED Wall Light It is high color rendering index, are generally around 85, the irradiated object showing a good effect.

● High efficiency

Led wall lamp luminous rate sometimes more than 100m / w, its spectrum can be concentrated in a lot of visible light, in terms of efficiency far more than other incandescent and energy-saving lamps.

LED wall lamp with three-dimensional basketball modeling, with crack wallpaper has a good decorative effect, the internal efficient LED light source can also bring energy-saving lighting environment for users.

Basketball modeling with a three-dimensional design, basketball modeling has a good decorative effect, basketball shape diameter of 22 cm, 11 cm high, Power LED Wall Light the product comes with crack stickers and screws, can be used for different indoor environment.

The use of LED as a light source, a high light effect, the product only 3 5 batteries can be lit, wall lamp heat is very small, allowing users to use for a long time.

The appearance of the use of realistic design, with crack wallpaper can better create a 3D effect for the user to create a creative home environment, lighting with touch switch, Power LED Wall Light for users to provide a convenient.