LED Wall Lamp Maintenance Cost Is Low

LED Wall lamp is a kind of special lamp which uses the principle of diode luminescence, and the biggest difference between it and the traditional wall lamp is that the light source is different. Ordinary lamps used incandescent lamp, the light source is more dazzling, and LED wall lamp issued by the light source soft not dazzling, Power LED Wall Light so the current LED lamp is very popular market.

In today's rapid development of this era, LED wall lamp is more and more widely used, in some home decoration or hotel interior decoration are involved. Power LED Wall Light This kind of wall lamp uses halogen lamp, emits the light source to be relatively low, and the electricity consumption is small, the ambient temperature that illuminate will not rise soon. The disadvantage of this kind of lamp is that the service life is shorter and the price is more expensive. Power LED Wall Light I believe that in the near future will overcome these problems, then the small part of the next for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge of LED wall lamp.

LED Wall Lamp Features

Green Environment

LED lamp is a kind of high-efficiency lamps can be recycled again, Power LED Wall Light it is not like other lamps have light pollution, it is more environmental effect than fluorescent lamp. In a series of lamps, only LED lights do not have infra-red and ultraviolet rays, is a kind of cold light, Power LED Wall Light no radiation, non-toxic substances, Absolute green environmental protection.

Low maintenance cost

In all the lamps and lanterns, the LED lamp does not have the tungsten wire, as well as the glass shell, moreover the anti-impact ability is strong, Power LED Wall Light the anti-seismic performance is good. Parts are not susceptible to damage and safety can be extremely high.

Good light quality

LED wall lamp In so lamps, is very few of the UV and infra-red light source, so will not produce a lot of heat, and irradiated objects will not quickly change color, not much damage to the eyes.

Small size

Compared with other traditional lamps, LED wall lamp appears more exquisite compact, more fashionable sense, can be used in different occasions, can also be paired with different styles. Power LED Wall Light Its color index is high, generally is around 85, the effect of the irradiated object is very good.

High efficiency

LED Wall lamp luminous rate will sometimes exceed 100m/w, its spectrum can be concentrated in a lot of visible light segments, Power LED Wall Light in terms of efficiency far more than other incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamp.

The price of LED wall lamp

At present, the market on the LED wall lamp price from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, the general price is more than 100 yuan.