LED Wall Lamp For A Variety Of Applications

LED wall lamp is a light-emitting diode as a light source installed on the wall or furniture wall and become LED wall lamp. Traditional LED wall lamp more use of halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is low, more power consumption, exposure to ambient temperature rise, short service life. LED in the light principle, energy saving, Power LED Wall Light environmental protection level are far superior to traditional lighting products. And LED light of the one-way formation of the LED wall light with the perfect support.

LED wall lamp features

LED wall lamp types and styles are more common general ceiling lamps, color change LED wall lamp, bedside LED wall lamp, mirror front LED wall lamp and so on. Ceiling lights are mostly used in the balcony, staircase, corridor aisle and bedroom, suitable for long light; discoloration LED wall lamp for festivals, festive when used; bedside LED wall lights are mostly installed in the upper left of the bed, Power LED Wall Light the lamp can be universal, Focus, easy to read; mirror before the LED wall lamp and more decorative in the bathroom near the mirror used.

LED wall lamp installation height should be slightly more than about 1.8 meters high line. LED wall lamp lighting should not be too large, so more artistic appeal, LED wall lamp shade selection should be based on the wall color, white or cream yellow wall, it is appropriate light green, light blue shade, Power LED Wall Light lake green and sky blue Wall, it is appropriate to use milky white, light yellow, brown shade, so that in a large area of the same color background wall cloth, dotted with a significant eye of the LED wall lamp, giving a sense of fresh and fresh. Connect the LED wall lamp to use light-colored wire, easy to paint with the wall color consistent paint to keep the wall clean. In addition, Power LED Wall Light you can dig a wall in the wall just embedded a small slot, the wire embedded, filled with lime, and then coated with the same color as the wall paint.

LED wall lamp is a design for the buildings, retro buildings, the design of high-tech products, can be a number of lamps can be cascaded

LED wall lights colorful, bright and charming. Using three primary colors (R, G, B) composition, Power LED Wall Light can display more than 60,000 colors, play Symphony and video effects can be achieved.

LED wall lamp control mode unique: DMX512 improved version of SDMX512 control mode control, to break the DMX512 control mode control points shortcomings, Power LED Wall Light to overcome the lack of RS-485 communication,

Is a specially developed for the LED wall lamp control system.

LED wall lamp parameters

1. Imported chip 3 LED light source, long life, low power consumption, durable

2. The use of aluminum alloy shell, imported PC condenser mask, radiation, anti-ultraviolet and so on

3. The circuit board adopts aluminum base plate, the thickness is 1.6mm, Power LED Wall Light the heat is quick and is not easy to break,

4. The lamp board is designed with the whole filling glue to protect the circuit board from being corroded long,

5. The use of aviation male and female head docking mode, Power LED Wall Light to avoid the product in the installation of the line when the wrong phenomenon

6. Internal inside are used more than 1 square wire, lamps in the series, to ensure normal work

7. Voltage DC12V or 24V, the maximum loss of power 9W

8. Protection class, IP67, fully qualified for outdoor use

LED wall lamp features

Light body with high-strength aluminum material, Power LED Wall Light the surface anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning, corrosion resistance.

Mask with a new tempered glass shade, impact resistance, friction.

Using high-quality LED products, high stability, long life, low investment to achieve high returns.

Can be DMX512 system control, colorful, water, dream effect.

Green pollution: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no damage to the eyes and skin. Do not contain lead, and other pollution elements, to achieve a true sense of the green

Humanized structural design, Power LED Wall Light lamp installation and maintenance more easily. Suitable for a variety of applications.

Lamp design full heat, face cover temperature is low, safe, good protection.