Led Outdoor Lamp From China

LED wall lamp is a light-emitting diode as a light source mounted on the wall or furniture wall and become LED wall lamp. Traditional wall lamp more use of halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is low, Power LED Wall Light more power consumption, exposure to ambient temperature rise, short service life.

The main features of LED wall lamp:

Energy saving: 1W particle LED brightness is equivalent to 10W ordinary light bulb brightness, power consumption less than 1W

Environmental protection: LED wall lamp is a semiconductor, can be recycled, no pollution, and ordinary light bulb after the break, Power LED Wall Light but also worried about how to deal with bad garbage.

Efficient: LED wall lamp with white white high brightness LED, electro-optical conversion efficiency of about 90%, little heat, and ordinary light bulb about 80% of the energy into heat, Power LED Wall Light only about 20% converted into light energy, so with LED Lights will be more efficient energy.

Safety: LED wall lamp is used in the car aluminum shell, on the home or warehouse or transport is not easy to damage, and ordinary light bulb belongs to the glass vacuum products, has a certain risk, the other LED lights using DC drive, no flash, Protection is beneficial, and ordinary light bulbs and fluorescent AC power supply with strobe, coupled with LED DC power supply without electromagnetic interference, Power LED Wall Light and energy saving lamp electronic ballast electromagnetic interference is great.

Longevity: LED wall lamp is a high-power semiconductor products, the normal use of a few years will rarely be a problem, and ordinary lamp life is generally not long, because the ordinary light bulb tungsten thermal expansion and contraction process is likely to cause broken wire, Power LED Wall Light which But also the fatal weakness of traditional light bulbs, especially commercial use of halogen lamps, but also to sacrifice life to improve the brightness. It is imperative that some LEDs replace halogen as commercial lamps. Early use of LED light source of the lamp, for your success will save a lot of cost.