LED Lights Patented Technology Five Major Innovations

First, aluminum radiator and product design structure

Appearance design, cleverly structured, full of modern flavor, in line with the trend of the times, in terms of heat we have taken the air convection cavity aluminum heat sink design, radiators up and down two cooling surface, the middle of the eight rivets connected , Before and after the transparent, while the left and right sides of the air convection hole, and strengthen the air flow within the cavity, is conducive to the discharge of heat, thus effectively improving the heat conduction of LED light source efficiency. The unique design of the thermal design to ensure that the high-power LED light source in 45 ℃ below the safe working temperature.

Second, the design of metal bolt-type high-power LED light source

Independent research and development of the metal bolt-type high-power LED light source. In order to improve the stability of the products, we adopt the high quality LED light-emitting chips imported from the United States. The LED light-emitting chips are directly encapsulated in the top of the nut of the metal bolt. When the product is assembled, the LED metal bolt is screwed directly onto the aluminum radiator , Thus effectively LED and radiator closely integrated, changing the traditional high-power LED light source with the thermal conductivity of silica gel status quo, which greatly improves the heat conduction between LED and aluminum radiator efficiency, effective guarantee The service life of LED light source is more than 60,000 hours. At the same time using Taiwan's high-quality phosphor, so that a single LED brightness of 80 lumens or more; and a variety of color temperature options to meet different occasions for different color temperature needs.

Third, secondary optical system and light distribution curve design

Using a unique secondary optical lens module and the "strip-shaped spot" light design. The spot length is determined by the angle of the light emitted by the LED so as to control the light distribution rationally, avoid the waste of light and reduce the light loss, and realize the connection of the strip-shaped spots between the poles so that they reach the requirements of national standards The brightness index. Eliminate LED glare and protect LED light sources while ensuring ideal road surface illumination and uniformity.

Fourth, the optimal design of the drive circuit

DC 9V-30V or AC power 84V-264V wide voltage input drive circuit design. Accurate constant current output, so that each high-power LED light source operating at a constant current rating, the line loss and aging coefficient of small, electrical conversion efficiency ≥ 85%, accurate constant current output to ensure the life of LED light source.