LED Lawn Lamp High Efficiency And Energy Saving

We all know that led lawn lamp is mainly used in the outdoor environment, is to withstand the perennial wind and rain, thunder of the harsh environment, the external temperature is sometimes the highest when it will reach 50 degrees, and the minimum temperature may be in $number. Therefore, Lawn LED Light the high quality of LED lawn lamp is very important, and its power supply is also very important device.

On the light-emitting components, the LED itself has reached a very good energy-saving effect, the same led outdoor lawn lamp can not ignore the effect of power saving. Lawn LED Light Because the energy-saving power supply mother would doubt will be the use of energy-saving LED lawn lamp The most important parts. Lawn LED Light After a long period of technical research and testing, its power supply has reached the whole system of $literal, multi-channel output constant pressure, constant-flow one-piece isolation waterproof requirements.

For the use of LED lawn lamp, it is not possible to change its requirements and design elements, not because of its development more and more good, Lawn LED Light it is necessary to use its advantages, the use of effects, the use of geographical location and so on the number of arbitrary changes.

LED Lawn lamp with its unique design, soft lighting for the urban green landscape added security and beauty, and easy installation, advertising decorative strong, can be used in parks, garden villas, Lawn LED Light pedestrian street, parking, square and other public places. Below, we mainly to understand the characteristics of LED lawn lamp and classification of what, I hope to help you.

LED Lawn Lamp Features:

1, high brightness: LED lawn lamp selection high-power led, 5050 SMD light Source to provide sufficient energy.

2, high-quality: LED Lawn lamp selection of anti-corrosion, Lawn LED Light anti-aging anti-aging materials manufacturing.

3, High life: can reach more than 100000h.

4, efficient energy-saving: The use of LED lamp lighting, energy saving power.

5, High security: LED Lawn lamp belongs to Low-voltage products, using DC 12V or 24V power supply, safe and harmless, to children, pedestrians and animals for effective protection. The lamp body uses the high strength structure design, the wind resistance, the external force strength is high.

6, easy to install: Easy to install, independent power supply, Lawn LED Light no need to set up or embedded transmission lines, simple construction, low construction costs.

LED Lawn Lamp Classification:

Lawn lamp development So far, Lawn LED Light according to the use of environment and design style of different, derived from different types, divided into: European lawn lamp, modern lawn lamp, classical lawn lamp, anti-theft lawn lamp, landscape lawn lamp, LED lawn lamp six categories.

European lawn Lamp: Its design style adopts some European art elements, and it is abstracted form of expression.

Modern lawn lamp: Its design style uses the modern art element more, Lawn LED Light uses the simple style expression,

Classical lawn lamp: Its design uses the Chinese classical element more, uses and the modification, for example: Lanterns. Three types of lawn lamps, representing a different style, are also the majority of manufacturers in order to cater to the design style of urban buildings, derived from.

Anti-theft lawn lamp: Its design is to prevent some criminal gangs in the community to steal lawn lamp traffic phenomenon, anti-theft lawn lamp is made of polymer composite materials, Lawn LED Light its strength and corrosion is slightly higher than steel and aluminum, but its price is expensive.

Landscape lawn lamp: Landscape lawn lamp design is mostly landscape decoration, lighting function as a supplement. To Rockery, plant as the main design elements.