Led Lamps

For lighting area,LED wall lamp is more and more widely used, in some home decoration or hotel interior decoration are involved. This kind of wall lamp uses halogen lamp, emits the light source to be relatively low, and the electricity consumption is small, Power LED Wall Light the ambient temperature that illuminate will not rise soon. Then the small part of the next for everyone to introduce the relevant knowledge of LED wall lamp.

LED Wall Lamp Features

Green Environment

LED lamp is a kind of high-efficiency lamps can be recycled again, it is not like other lamps have light pollution, Power LED Wall Light it is more environmental effect than fluorescent lamp. In a series of lamps, only LED lights have no infra-red and ultraviolet rays, belonging to a cold light, no radiation, non-toxic substances, Absolute green.

Low maintenance cost

In all the lamps and lanterns, the LED lamp does not have the tungsten wire, as well as the glass shell, moreover the anti-impact ability is strong, the anti-seismic performance is good. Power LED Wall Light Parts are not susceptible to damage and safety can be extremely high.