Integrate The Ball Within The LED Lighting The Correct Measurement

The integrating sphere is an inner wall painted with a bust of light diffuse material of the cavity sphere, also known as photometer ball, light ball. The main component material is magnesium oxide or barium sulfate, the glue binder mixed evenly sprayed on the inner wall, the purpose of the visible spectrum reflection to 99% or more, is to obtain a higher measurement of lamp measurement equipment. The current technology and look, in addition to the actual environment of the actual illumination test, the integral ball test also has a very strong degree of accuracy, determine the luminous illumination value of the important indicators.

LED lighting is direct-fired lighting distribution, different from ordinary white light, energy-saving lamps around the uniform light, the measurement method is more special. The position of the external integrating sphere detector and the setting of the baffle are fixed, and the different light reflections exhibit different signal fluctuation values. The following is a comparison of the view, the results obtained LED lighting direction on the luminous flux measurement results of the height of 50%.