Environmental Storm Swept The LED Lighting Industry

Since November, the Central Environmental Protection Monitoring Group to carry out environmental remediation action to Guangdong, led by a "shut down the storm," Foshan bear the brunt of becoming the hardest hit in the operation. Today, the environmental storm is still not calm the momentum, but more intensified, especially for easy to cause environmental pollution in the industry, have been severely supervised investigation.

For the LED lighting industry, this is undoubtedly a severe test. The previous price of raw materials, so that a large number of LED lighting manufacturers cost the pressure of the heavy, that this is only caused by the end of the passive price increases, and now the sudden environmental storm, so that the LED industry worse. And LED are closely linked to other industries, such as aluminum plants, spraying plants, color processing plants, plastic plants, metal processing plants, etc., WeChat friends circle are all the "supply shortage", "suspended production", environmental protection Action brush full of screen, manufacturers complain incessantly.

Let us change the point of view, environmental protection action, sent away the fish in troubled waters, just a small workshop, shut down the rectification of the failed manufacturers, chill the industry pattern, which the industry, should not be a good thing? Indeed, especially for the LED lighting industry, shoddy phenomenon is too serious, and environmental protection action carried out, purify the LED market. But at this time we will ignore a problem, that is associated with the survival of the upstream raw material suppliers.