Courtyard Light Is A Kind Of Outdoor Lighting

Garden lights are generally used in the residential areas, mainly to provide the lighting of district roads. The Courtyard lamp style is many, in the choice time mainly according to the community's architectural style to carry on the choice, the height is generally in 3-3.5 meters, too high light easily affect the two-storey occupants of the rest, too short, lighting effect will be affected. Light rods are usually used for hot-dip galvanizing, wire cutting, Garden Lamp courtyard lamp wall thickness from 1.5mm-3mm unequal, light source configuration can be energy-saving lamps, LED lights or metal halide lamps and so on, specific can be configured according to user requirements.

The courtyard lamp is in the community, the park, as well as the square and so on many places can not be missing a kind of lamp.

Courtyard lights are a kind of outdoor lighting, usually refers to 6 meters below the outdoor road lighting, its main components by: light source, lamp, lamp rod, flange, Garden Lamp base embedded Parts 5 parts, because the courtyard lamp has a variety, aesthetic and decorative features of the environment, so also known as landscape garden lights. Mainly used in urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places outside lighting, can extend people's outdoor activities time, Garden Lamp improve the safety of property.

The function and characteristic of the lighting system of the courtyard lamp. The main feature of the garden light is the function of directional emission light, because the power-type courtyard lamp is almost equipped with reflectors, and the efficiency of the reflector is obviously higher than that of the luminaire. In addition, Garden Lamp the efficiency of the reflector has been included in the light efficiency test of the courtyard lamp. Garden Lamp Road lamps with courtyard lights should be used to the extent possible by the directional emission characteristics of the courtyard light.

Introduction to the selection of courtyard lamps

(1) The use of reasonable light fixtures, should be based on the lighting site function and space shape to determine the light distribution type.

(2) Select high efficiency lamps. Under the condition of satisfying the glare limit requirement, the direct-type light distribution lamp and the open type luminaire should be used for illumination only satisfying the visual function.

(3) The use of convenient installation and maintenance, low operating costs of lamps.

(4) in the fire or explosion hazards and dust, damp, vibration and corrosion of the environment of special sites, should be selected to meet the requirements of the environmental lighting.

(5) When the surface of lamps and lanterns are attached to combustible materials, such as heat insulation, heat dissipation and other fire protection measures should be adopted.

(6) Lighting fixtures should have a complete photoelectric parameters, Garden Lamp its performance should meet the relevant provisions of the existing standards.

(7) The appearance of the luminaire should be coordinated with the environment of the installation place.

(8) Consider the characteristics of light source and the requirements of building decoration.

(9) The difference between the courtyard lamp and the street light is not big, mainly is the height, the material thickness and the esthetic degree difference, the street lamp material thicker, also higher, the appearance courtyard lamp is more beautiful.