LED Lighting-----West Lake Three Island Night Lighting

LED lighting-----West Lake Three Island Night Lighting

Designed by the Zhejiang Urban Construction Garden Design Institute to operate lighting design, Hangzhou Santan Yinyue, Huxinting and Gonggongdun Lianghua Project. The lighting design of the project follows the requirements of the city's aesthetic principles and lighting functions, creating a water-like West Lake in a static, imaginary, unobtrusive, one-by-one, one-sided, one-sided, and one-sided, with a modern nightscape lighting. The history of the rhythm beauty exhibition was vividly presented, and history and reality collided with another unique charm.


Lake Xiao Xian Chau, elegant and graceful lake pavilion and "faint jasper in the water," the Chunggong pier. The night landscape of the Three Islands in the lake is perfectly integrated with the night landscape of the entire West Lake, highlighting the night view feature of “Ink and South, Lake City”.

The project uses a combination of multi-color temperature lamps to intelligently control the lights of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, so as to achieve lighting effects that are adjustable and controllable. The coverage of the project is very wide, and the three islands in the lake are far apart. Therefore, in the project, the three islands in the lake chose to interact with each other through fiber optic connections. Optical fiber connection has low conduction loss and strong long-distance information transmission advantages. It is both efficient, environmentally friendly and user-friendly, and is in line with the image of West Lake at the G20 Summit.