What is the installation height of the wall lamp?

Wall lamps are small lamps that many families can install. Wall lamps can play a role in auxiliary lighting on the one hand, so many new homes like to buy wall lamps, especially corridor wall lamps and bedside wall lamps. Living room wall lamp, bedroom wall lamp, etc., but many people who did not ask the designer to buy it back did not know exactly how to install the wall lamp, especially the installation height of the wall lamp. In fact, for wall lamps, it is divided into many types depending on the place of use. It can be divided into outdoor wall lamps. These wall lamps are mainly used outdoors, such as outdoor wall lamps, courtyard wall lamps, corridor wall lamps, etc., if it is an outdoor wall lamp or The courtyard is generally installed on the wall of the street. Its height is preferably 1.8M or above. If it is a corridor wall lamp, it should be measured according to the height of the corridor. It is usually 1.7 meters or more; the other is the indoor wall lamp. It can be divided into living room wall lamps, bedroom wall lamps, aisle wall lamps. The installation height of the three types of wall lamps is generally 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters, and if it is a bedside wall lamp, its installation height is between 0.6 meters and 1.0 meters. . Of course, sometimes you can also design according to the designer's design or your favorite installation location, but there is a problem is to pay attention to safety issues, not to be installed in places that children can easily reach, this is the most important.