Teach you how to buy lighting!

1. Light intensity on people's visual impact.

When the ambient light intensity is strong, in addition to see things clear, there is a key factor. Like a dark shop a bright light shop, you are the customer how would you enter which one.

2. Soft light, giving space comfort.

Most home lighting are selected with yellow light warm white and so soft, give a warm feeling.

3. Appropriate reflective control.

Appropriate reflective control, with home design features, each other to enhance the light perception.

4. Brightness control.

Now introduced a full intelligent lighting control technology, you can intelligently control the intensity of light, adjust to their own degree of satisfaction.

5. Distribution of lamps.

To combine the spatial structure of the site environment, want the ideal lighting, you can find a professional interior design to help design.

6. Shadow can enhance the visual sense of three-dimensional.

7. Lamp color temperature choice.

Color temperature is the luminous color of the lamp, can be adjusted according to your needs. Different color temperature to create the light effect is not the same.

8. Selection of color rendering index.

The higher the color rendering index, the more bright the object's color. To 100 as a benchmark, clothing stores, jewelry stores show the goods, usually used to 95 color, to attract customers.

9. The choice of light perception affect people's emotions and feelings.

10. Energy saving and environmental protection.

Now there are some customers will use the traditional lighting, life is also short with harmful substances. The implementation of energy-saving emission reduction activities, promote environmental protection concept, LED lighting into a big hot pet, LED lights to green, low consumption and other advantages of popular people.