Optional LED lighting precautions

1) price index (yuan / watt)

I wonder if we have not found a phenomenon, even online shopping or on-site procurement, fancy a product opening the first sentence, must this is how much money? Similarly, fancy a LED light, the first sentence most often heard, how much money this one tile.

Yes, many customers will be the price level simply defined as the size of the wattage, often overlooked the different manufacturers of LED lights light effect, that all the LED lights are the same. Simply to LED is energy-saving, than the traditional incandescent and halogen lamp power, and the characteristics of life on the choice of purchase, did not fully understand the characteristics of LED lamps. In fact, each factory developed LED lights different, to see each lamp material, chip light efficiency, power supply configuration, just a chip, small to dozens, to reach hundreds of light effects range.

2) light efficiency indicators

The so-called luminous efficiency of the luminous lamps and lanterns emitted by the total luminous flux and its consumption of electrical power ratio (unit lm / w), the purchase of lamps must understand a parameter, the luminous efficiency of the lamp to see the choice of light chip, chips are divided into domestic and foreign imports , The market most commonly used this section: OSRAM, crystal yuan, Corey, Purui and so on. General LED lights luminous efficiency of about 100-150lm / w between, such as 50W LED lights that 50W * 100lm / w = 5000lm.

3) Lamp illumination index (lx)

Choose this indicator more professional, the customer is difficult to calculate their own lighting, usually specify the supplier manufacturers to achieve a certain illumination indicators, let the program. The so-called lighting, simply say that the height of the hanging lights to the ground how much light, just a light is the test lamp illumination is not accurate. Want accurate data, you can use lamps for light efficiency instrument measurement.

For the measurement of lamp lighting this professional indicators, usually sales of lighting professionals, designers need to fully understand the design. Other customers or purchase lights business owners, etc., to buy LED lights is to pay attention to product features, manufacturers of chip material configuration,

Do not simply pay attention to the price.