LED lawn light classification

Lawn lamp development so far, according to the use of different environments and design styles, derived from different types, divided into: European lawn lamp, modern lawn lamp, classical lawn lamp, security lawn lamp, landscape lawn lamp, LED lawn lamp six categories.

European lawn lamp: its design style and use of some European countries more European art elements, to abstract forms.

Modern lawn lamp: its design style and use of modern art, the use of simple style of expression,

Classical lawn lamp: The design uses more classical Chinese elements, to be used and modified, such as: lanterns. Three types of lawn light, representing a different style, but also most manufacturers in order to meet the design of urban buildings, derived.

Anti-theft lawn lamp: It is designed to eliminate some criminal gangs in the community theft of lawn lamp phenomenon, anti-theft lawn lamps and more use of polymer composite made of its strength and corrosion slightly higher than steel and aluminum, but its price expensive.

Landscape Caoping Deng: Landscape Caoping Deng its landscape design and decoration, supplemented by lighting functions. More rockery, plants and other major design elements.