Just four o'clock! Determine the quality of LED ultra-thin downlight good and bad

1) Sealing performance. Judging from the overall lighting, although the LED ultra-thin downlight is embedded in the ceiling, but also pay attention to its sealing. As shown in the figure, LED ultra-thin tube lamp at the bottom of a circle with a screw fixed, the panel and the back cover perfectly close, can effectively play pest control, dust, moisture, waterproof effect.

2) Thermal design. With the market sales of LED ultra-thin lamp feedback, the best heat dissipation is the use of high-strength aluminum alloy thermal design, some small manufacturers may use poor quality plastic material for the shell cooling to reduce costs, greatly reducing the LED ultra-thin Panel lamp cooling performance, affecting lamp life.

3) shell design. Commonly used in the market are integrated design, light weight, integrated oxidation matte panel cover moisture-proof rust, fashion beautiful.

4) Drive the power supply. Select the regulator + cross-flow circuit design, no longer worry about the voltage is too high to affect the lamp life is too low. On this basis, but also a new smart chip control program, through the intelligent chip control to ensure that the power supply in a certain repetition of the voltage, the chip can provide a constant current, long-term guarantee lamp life.