Buy LED downlight four major points

The first point: LED downlight 'lighting selection' choice!

Lamps work in a long time high temperature, light failure is very short, life is short. LED lamp mentioned earlier is the embedded installation, air flow is not good, the LED downlight cooling have a certain impact. In addition to lamps and lanterns outside the choice of LED light source to be critical, the current market, the longest two kinds of materials, plastic and aluminum. Although known as thermal conductivity of plastic production of LED downlight light cheap, but the cooling effect contrast, or aluminum production of LED downlight cooling effect of the best. Cooling coefficient than plastic production is doubled, want to long life LED downlight, it is recommended to use aluminum production LED downlight.

The second point: LED downlight 'drive power' choice!

Driving power is the power supply is converted to a specific current voltage to drive the LED light power converter, simply to determine the life of the lamp is a key factor in the lamp appears even flashing phenomenon, all with the lamp drive power. In particular, the factory floor / plant / office installed LED downlight, due to voltage instability, often lamps stroboscopic, loss of lamp life problems. So for the LED drive power supply options, the proposed selection of wide voltage regulator cross-flow power drive, do not worry about the current is too high to ensure that the use of LED downlight safety and stability.

The third point: LED downlight 'chip purchase' choice!

Now on the market sales of LED downlight chips are generally made both domestic and imported, different brands of different prices, lighting effects will be different, according to their own needs to choose to buy.

 The fourth point: LED downlight 'color rendering index' choice!

Simply said color rendering index is the color of the index, to 100 as the benchmark, the higher the color index the more color, jewelry store clothing store need to choose a higher index, ordinary home lighting selection of medium index can, of course, the higher the color rendering price , Depending on individual needs.